I am Ian Bruce Macaulay, Canadian born to John & Grace Macaulay of Montreal. I am a dislodged Nortel technology worker, who has taken the retirement option.

My Father John Macaulay was the Son of Zachary, who was created by the team of Malcolm (Sgaire) Macaulay and Mary MacIver of Springhill, Quebec, Canada.

Malcolm and three brothers came to Canada in 1851 and settled in the Eastern Townships. They followed in the footsteps of their sister Ann who had already settled with John Beaton several years earlier. The Father of this Macaulay set was Zachariah (Sgaire) Macaulay of Bosta, Isl of Lewis, Scotland.    1782 – 1856

In early 2006, I took on the task of entering my Uncle Clayton Purdy’s book, “From the Isle Of Lewis To Quebec” into digital format. In tackling this obligation I became hooked on the seemingly never ending genealogy of the “Family”. After submitting to DNA testing I  discovered relations that we cannot find actual links to and so I decided to try and map as many Macaulay connections as I can.   (Macaulay, Mcaulay, Macauley, etc) Thus “One guy’s view of a Family”  was born.

I humbly ask your cooperation in this Endeavour.

I will never sell data. I may use it to coerce, bribe, or otherwise entice participation in this program. All members of the “Family” will be invited to join the news list, “Family Matters “as a means of connecting and or meeting, other participants.

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